tackling social media

      We are getting closer to the launch of our website and are tackling the task of social media! Up to now we have put off a large part of our site, social media. There are a large number of people that need help when it comes to choosing the right social media. While not everyone is a fan of social media, hundreds of millions of people are active on a number of social media platforms.

        Some things to keep in mind when you start are: Who are your customers? What age group? Male or Female?  Questions like this matter because it will help you determine whether its more important to engage customers via audio/video/text/guides or other methods. We have decided that we will provide all of these methods and then some.  These social media pages will become a way for us to communicate with our clients and discuss ideas. As we normalize our social media, we hope you will join us in some engaging discussion!

Have a great day!

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