Fidget Cube Style Stress Relief Cube


Entertain Your Brain With The Fidgeters Cube!

Fidgeting is something that has always been apart of my life. I was diagnosed ADHD when I was in 1st grade and still have problems with fidgeting now. Fidgeting has always provided me a way to constructively release the excess energy I find in my body as I try to concentrate.

This fidgeters cube has been really cool so far. When I listen to people or watch a video this keeps my hands busy and satisfies my need to move around.


You don’t have to be ADHD to fidget and I know a lot of people who just like to keep their hands busy.  This cool little desk toy has found a way into my life and I am excited about the results so far.

Fidgeters Cube - Stress Relief & ADHD Toy

So the Fidgeters Cube is cube with different ways to fidget on each side.

You can click, click, click away like a pen!

Rotate a video game style joystick!

Spin a dial round and round!

Spin a ball bearing all around!

Flip the switch back and forth!

Check it out here!


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