Best Budget Smart Watches of 2017

Ok,  so there are a bunch of smart watches on the market and a lot of people don’t know where to start.  We have looked long and hard at the current smart watches and we decided to pick up the top 3.

When it comes to smart watches there are many different features you want to consider, some require their own sim card.. making your monthly bill even higher..

Some work as a fitness tracker and will count calories, count steps and monitor heart rate.

There are also smart watches that allow you to view facebook, send text messages, and receive calls on the watch like a secret agent.When choosing a smart watch you should decide why you want one and what features you would like. Here are some examples.

u9 smart watch android iphone

The 2017 – u9 smart watch is one of our top contenders at only $18.72.

This watch can answer and dial calls from your wrist, syncs current text messages, control your music library, send reminders from Facebook, an alarm function if you get to far away from your phone so you don’t lose it, and much more!

You can check it out here.









Next up on our list is the S6 smart watch!

The s6 smart watch is in our top 3 because of the not only because its waterproof but also the price and  functionality!

This simple watch comes in at the price of $32.50. This watch provides you with a calorie counter, heart rate monitor, camera remote, call and message notifications,  and more!

Check it out here!











The last smart watch of the day will be the G6.

This is a little more expensive but i find it to be a classy watch.

Coming in at the price of $56.85 this watch can control your music, control your camera, monitor your heart rate, count calories, make calls, sync with your phone & more!

Check It Out!







hope that this help give you guys some ideas on some of the different smart watches out there!

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