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I was stumbling about on the internet and came across and article about NASA changing their astronaut space suit. I found it interesting and decided to look into it a little more. Below i have added some articles about it!

“Someone at Boeing has been on a serious Kubrick kick, as evidenced by the new spacesuits it made for Boeing Starliner astronauts. The blue suits, which were revealed today, combine a retro flare with a modern feel.  In fact, the suits look just like a smoothed out version of the blue spacesuit in 2001: A Space Odyssey.

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“Boeing has revealed the space suit astronauts will wear on missions aboard the Starliner spacecraft. Formerly known as CST-100, the Boeing spacecraft is one of two commercial crew vehicles that will eventually return a domestic crew launch capability to the United States after years of relying on the Soyuz spacecraft.”

“Astronauts heading into orbit aboard Boeing’s Starliner spacecraft will wear lighter and more comfortable spacesuits than earlier suits astronauts wore. The suit capitalizes on historical designs, meets NASA requirements for safety and functionality, and introduces cutting-edge innovations. Boeing unveiled its spacesuit design Wednesday as the company continues to move toward flight tests of its Starliner spacecraft and launch systems that will fly astronauts to the International Space Station.”


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