Gabe Newell opens up about Valve's VR plans



“According to Valve chief Gabe Newell, the future of VR is all power: lighter, more capable headsets that are hooked up to PCs much more powerful than what most people own right now.

“VR is going to drive much higher computational and GPU loads than we see out of existing desktop games,” Newell said recently.

“Like, I would argue that the smartest thing AMD and Intel and Nvidia could do is give away VR development systems to software developers, because we’re going to consume the shit out of Intel and AMD CPUs! Much more so than high-end games are doing right now.”

Plus, he’s confident that PC-powered room-scale VR will progress to “house-scale” VR in the near future, as it becomes possible to knit several “room-scale” VR spaces together into a single space. Of course, you’d need room-scale-capable wireless VR headsets too, but Newell believes they’re a “solved problem” that are right around the corner.”



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