“The return of Super Mario is set to be the crowning achievement in what’s already been a remarkable year of recovery for Nintendo.

The loyal (and I mean loyal) fans weren’t worried, but rewind a year and many people – myself included – were questioning Nintendo’s ability to compete realistically with Sony and Microsoft in the console market.

The Wii U – a follow-on to the wildly successful Wii – had tanked, and the new console, Switch, seemed like it would be just too basic to make an impact.

Yet at E3 this year, the company is brimming with confidence. Its strategy has paid off.

“It seems to have brought back Nintendo’s mojo,” says Tom Phillips, news editor at Eurogamer.

“You look at where Nintendo are now compared to 12 months ago, it’s really night and day. They really turned things around.”
Eyeing the Wii

The Switch got off to a blistering start when it came out in March. It sold almost three million units in the first month, making it the company’s fastest-selling console. The first big release – Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – is now considered to be one of the best games created, with several million copies sold.”



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