porn hub to sponsor team
Pornhub is taking a leaf out of Red Bull’s playbook and branching out into the wide, wild, and wacky world of extreme sports sponsorship. The company announced on Wednesday that it’s accepting applications from Nov. 1 to Dec. 1 for qualified teams in any action sport.The winning team will get all their expenses covered for a full year—including new Pornhub-branded uniforms—to perform any “XXXtreme” sport. And no, they don’t mean sex (no matter how wild it gets)—they mean actual action sports like rock climbing and free-flying.

We know it sounds gimmicky, but these kinds of sponsorships are actually important in action sports, many of which exist in a strange limbo in the absence of a major national league like the NBA or NFL. Some revolve around the Olympics and X Games, but others, like BASE jumping (Red Bull recently sent someone on a jump from the edge of space) don’t really have a formalized competition. Instead, athletes usually rely on big corporate sponsorships to pay their bills and finance the expensive gear and travel that top-level dirtbike racing or snowboarding requires.

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