Santa’s Babies: Top toys for 2017 are tiny, talkative and scarce

The biggest toy this holiday is only 5½ inches tall.

Move over Hatchimals. This year’s must-have toys are Fingerlings — tiny, interactive robotic monkeys that grip onto a finger or almost anything else.

Retail priced at $15, these colorful little critters hit the market in August and have been almost impossible to find in stores since way before Halloween. On, you can find one for $20, although most range from $30 to $50.

What’s the big deal with the little monkey?

Well, first, there are actually six different monkeys to choose from, all in varying colors, plus a sloth and a unicorn. Just like the also immensely popular Hatchimals, Fingerlings engage children by responding to touch, sound, changes in position, even a gentle blow in the face. They babble, laugh, move, kiss, sing, whistle and — just in case you don’t have enough of this in your house — burp, sneeze, pass gas and snore.

And, they’re small enough to go anywhere — hanging on a backpack, pen or belt loop. No doubt the top toy for either gender over the age of 5.

The breakout star of 2016, Hatchimals continue their popularity. Larger than Fingerlings, these furry robot creatures hatch from eggs and then wait for someone to guide them through different “life stages” like learning to walk and talk.

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