Welcome to RJ Enterprise

Our company works with a wide variety of products in multiple industries. 

We have been serving the automotive industry for greater Houston area since 1980 and strive to bring our customers only the best. In the automotive industry we provide tools as small as wrenches and sockets, and as big as 10,000lb twin post launch.

Since we work so closely with the automotive industry in Houston its only natural for us to provide quality electronics as well. Many of out customers request lasers for pointing at something under the hood of a vehicle, flashlights, head lamps, voltage meters or a multitude of other products.

We are dedicated to serving our customers and double check every order before it ships out. Since most of our products are electronics we understand that they can fail and sometimes do. If you receive a product that you believe is defective, please contact us at your earliest convenience and we will send out a replacement.

RJ Enterprise is a company based out of Stafford, Texas. We have been serving the Greater Houston Area since 1980 and strive to bring our customers only the best.

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