Top 10 Epic 3D Printing Fails

If you have ever worked with a 3D printer you will understand the frustrations of 3d printing fails. Many times you will have a 3d print going along perfectly well when all of a sudden it decides it wants to separate from its previous layer and boom, all hell breaks loose. I honestly hate when it happens considering many times...
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Ultra-sexualized 3D printed Harley Quinn figurine is Gambody’s idea of Valentine’s Day romance

Online 3D printable model shop Gambody, a popular destination for DIY 3D printed Star Wars models, tanks, and more, has stepped out of its comfort zone to release a special “Valentine’s Day” model: a 3D printable figurine of Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn. Sometimes the most interesting thing about Valentine’s Day is not the romance, the outpouring of feeling between two kindred spirits,...
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